AR Shopping Waypoints Prototype


When Apple announced ARKit, I wanted to create a quick prototype to demonstrate how AR could be used beyond simple 3D models.


  • Come up with a consumer use case for AR.
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of ARKit.

Coming up with a Consumer Use Case

My first challenge was to come up with a use case for AR. The most common prototypes at the time were demos showing 3D objects. I wanted to think from a product design point of view. This was how AR Shopping Waypoints was created.

Creating a Workflow for ARKit

Since standards for AR interfaces had not been determined yet, I developed my own workflow that helped produce a working prototype.

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Design Process

Defining the Problem

With the opportunity to innovate AR Product Design, I first identified an issue that presented augmented reality as the best solution.

Sketch Out an AR UX

I started my process by drawing a sketch.

UX Patterns and Visual Design

Since there were limited resources in AR design patterns to reference, I drew from other inspiration. Video games, movies, and real world interfaces all contributed to the final design.

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Prototyping the Distance Away

To mimic distance tracking, I implemented a countdown timer to simulate product use.

The Final Result

AR Waypoints is one of the few use cases in augmented reality outside of gaming. I was grateful to have received community recognition on UploadVR and NextReality.

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