Product Page in VR

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Virtual reality has the potential to play a substantial role in E-commerce, and so for my first VR Product Design, I created a product page to demonstrate a possible shopping experience.


  • Leverage what I've learned in 360 videos and VR UI practice to build a high fidelity prototype.
  • Learn more about text size in VR.
  • Use the Oculus Rift SDK to improve the look of the prototype.

The Design Process


A sketchbook and pencil helped me quickly hash out ideas.

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3D Modeling

I used Blender to create my own 3D assets and used Photoshop for the textures.

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The Final Result

I continue to develop critical skills in 3D modeling and had learned a considerable amount at the completion of my VR Product Page. This project reinforced my belief to test within a VR environment as I discovered the need to increase font size for VR.

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